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The Rise of Vaccine-preventable Diseases

Learn about the impact of the most common childhood immunizations in the article about vaccines and health.

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Allied Healthcare Careers

Welcome to Allied Health World, the premier resource for health care information.  The professionals who developed this site interviewed experts in each respective field, learning the ins and outs of each career. Each healthcare category has specific and useful information that is compiled all in one place; so you’re not tasked with spending hours doing your own research.

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Dental Assistant Dental Assistant
If working in the field of dentistry is appealing to you but the thought of going to dental or even hygienist school is overwhelming, becoming a dental assistant may be an option worth pursuing. This is a great profession for extroverted individuals who like working with other.…[read more]
Dental Hygienist Dental Hygienist
Regular dental cleanings are recommended every six months and hygienists are the individuals who perform these cleanings. The first step for a hygienist in performing a dental cleaning is removing any hardened plaque and stains off the surface of the teeth using hand…[read more]
Dentistry Dentistry
Dentistry is among the highest paid and most demanded medical professions in America today. It encompasses a wide variety of specialties all dealing with the function and esthetics of the teeth and mouth. A dentist’s job is to diagnose and treat disease, injury, and…[read more]
EMT & Paramedic EMT & Paramedic
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics save lives everyday as an integral part of emergency medical response teams. They work to assess and mitigate the effects of traumatic injury in the crucial moments immediately following car accidents…[read more]
Health Education Health Education
Health education is a very rewarding field that is a lot more challenging than most realize. According to Janelle Wright, Assistant Professor of Nursing at a private university in Illinois, “[health education] involves more than just informing someone of health related facts and skills…[read more]
Lactation Consultant Lactation Consultant
Typically the number one job of a lactation consultant is to promote breastfeeding and help women with breastfeeding questions and concerns. Lactation consultants who work at hospitals may have the dual roles of having "nurse duties" for part of the day and spending the…[read more]
Medical Billing and Coding Medical Billing and Coding
The medical industry has come to rely heavily on medical billing and coding experts. These professionals work to maintain and organize the endless stream of medical records and billing information that is processed through hospitals and other medical facilities everyday. Experts in…[read more]
Personal Training and Trainer Personal Training and Trainer
Gone are the days when the services of personal trainers were reserved only for professional athletes, celebrities, and the fantastically wealthy. In today’s health conscious world more and more people are seeking the expertise of personal trainers to help them maintain a healthy…[read more]
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technician
Prescription pharmaceutical drugs are one of the most important components to the success of modern medicine. Pharmacy techs play an integral role in the medical industry by helping to manage and distribute these prescription drugs to the sick and elderly. Pharmacy techs work…[read more]
Phlebotomist Phlebotomist
Phlebotomy involves the practice of drawing blood for patients and taking the blood specimens to the laboratory to prepare them for testing. To better understand this practice, let’s explore the three phases of lab testing. The first phase is the pre-analytical phase, which is the part a…[read more]
Psychology Psychology
Psychological study is a fascinating pursuit that would appeal to those students who are interested in the deepest understanding of the human experience. Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and how thoughts, emotions, and the mind influence and motivate the…[read more]
Registered Nurse Registered Nurse
Registered nurses, commonly referred to as RN’s, encompass the majority of workers in the health care industry and represent one of today’s fastest growing fields. Registered nurses occupy an extensive range of specialties, work settings, and levels of authority. Their job is to…[read more]
Respiratory Therapy Respiratory Therapy
Respiratory therapists, commonly referred to as RTs, are health care professionals who assist people with acute and chronic breathing problems during their time of need. Whether a patient is suffering from a chronic illness such as asthma, has had chest trauma from a…[read more]
Strength & Conditioning Strength & Conditioning
For a person who enjoys being around athletics and helping people meet their athletic goal, this may be a good fit for you. Let’s face it, strength and conditioning coaches in a sense get paid to watch sports, be part of a team/coaching staff, workout and stay active while at…[read more]
Ultrasound Technician Ultrasound Technician
Ultrasound Techs, who are now more commonly referred to as Sonographers, play a very interesting role in the field of medical imaging. These individuals work with high-tech equipment that uses high frequency sound waves to view various body parts. Ultrasonography (also referred…[read more]
Radiology Technician Radiology Technician
Radiologic Technologists, commonly referred to as a radiographer or radiology technologists, play an important role in the field of Radiology. These professionals conduct X-rays ordered by physicians, on a variety of body parts and bones. Radiology involves nonintrusive…[read more]
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