Becoming a Midwife in Nebraska – NE

Although the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services recognizes certified nurse midwives professionally, CNMs are not permitted to practice outside of hospitals or acute care settings. Furthermore, certified nurse midwives in Nebraska must practice under the supervision of a licensed practitioner.

The scope of practice for midwives in Nebraska is limited to delegated acts, such as overseeing healthcare throughout the entire pregnancy and postpregnancy stages. Of course, midwives in Nebraska are fully qualified and allowed to perform women’s health gynecological examinations as well.

By becoming a midwife in Nebraska, you will be part of the ongoing fight for legislation that would allow midwives to fully oversee an at-home birth without the supervision of a physician. Many women in Nebraska feel that it is their natural right to birth their child at home with a midwife at their bedside, and several organizations in Nebraska are continuously advocating for these rights, including the Nebraska Midwives’ Association and the Nebraska Friends of Midwives organization.

Now that you are familiar with the legal protocols of midwifery in Nebraska, you can look forward to the upward growth trend occurring in this profession. Whereas most occupations will see an increase of 9% over 10 years, midwifery is expected to see anywhere between 21% and 35% growth during that same period of time. With this type of substantial growth, midwives in Nebraska should have no problems securing employment.

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