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Workplace Workouts

Jamar Ramos | 21-07-2014

If it seems nearly impossible to fit fitness into your hectic daily routine, try fitting exercise into your work day and incorporating movement into your schedule.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing an allied health school

Shannon Lee | 16-07-2014

Choosing the right school can make a huge difference in your future career path. Here are some of the most common mistakes students make when choosing allied health schools and how to avoid them.

Dr. Oz Goes to Washington

Jamar Ramos | 08-07-2014

What happens when the host and guests of a popular TV show make claims about weight loss products that haven't been substantiated by the FDA? Find out what happened when celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz, friend of Oprah and host of "The Dr. Oz Show," went to Washington.

Is it APPlicable: Privacy Concerns with Mobile Apps

Jamar Ramos | 01-07-2014
exercise app

Mobile apps designed to help us gain and maintain health have exploded in the past year or so. They can be a great tool in health management, but what about privacy concerns?

A Discussion with Dr. Caprice Greenberg, Part 2

Jamar Ramos | 24-06-2014

Dr. Caprice Greenberg is exploring Google Glass to discover how this cutting-edge technology can be used in the operating room. In part 2 of our discussion with Dr. Greenberg, we learn more about her work with Google Glass and other new technologies.

A Discussion with Dr. Caprice Greenberg, Associate Professor of Surgery

Jamar Ramos | 11-06-2014

Dr. Caprice Greenberg, along with her husband, Dr. Jacob Greenberg, are pioneers in use of Google Glass in surgery. Learn more about Dr. Greenberg's work with Google Glass, along with more about how and why she became a surgeon.

Seeing the Future of Medicine with Google Glass

Jamar Ramos | 02-06-2014

Google Glass is seen by many as a high-tech toy for spoiled techies, but this is far from the case. Google Glass is being used for many important endeavors, including health care applications. Learn how one doctor is using Google Glass to change the way doctors learn surgical procedures.

State of Emergency Medical Care in the U.S.

Jamar Ramos | 10-02-2014

Emergency medical care is failing citizens of the U.S. Find out what's wrong and how you can help!

Fastest Growing Occupations in the Allied Health Field

Jamar Ramos | 14-01-2014

Looking for a career in allied health? There are many positions that may experience solid growth in the coming years.

10 Dietetics and Nutrition Programs to Check Out

Justin Boyle | 08-01-2014

As health care professionals and members of the media continue to shine light on the role of food in human wellness, some dietetics programs are stepping up. Here are 10 dietetics and nutrition programs that can help you learn the real story of nutrition.

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