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Venipuncture Tips and Tools for Allied Health Care Students

Karen Appold | 17-12-2014

You may think a health career isn't for you because it involves needles. But oftentimes it's not the fear of needles that keeps people from these careers, but the fear of hurting a patient. Learn about a tool that can alleviate this fear.

Apps to Help Health Care Professionals on the Job

Shannon Dauphin Lee | 09-12-2014

Learn more about some of the cutting edge apps being used by health care professionals and how they can help you in your health care career.

Health Care IT Careers: What to Know for 2015

Karen Appold | 09-12-2014

The need for health care IT workers is high, and job growth is expected to be in the double digits through 2022. Find out what it takes to enter this growing field and the type of salary health care tech professionals command.

Allied Health Professionals Make a Difference for Alzheimer's Patients

Shannon Lee | 11-11-2014
alzheimers patient help

Alzheimer's patients need a great deal of medical care, and their loved ones need a great deal of support. Allied health professionals are there to help those who suffer from the disease, as well as those who care for them.

Finding Purpose by Serving Others: Health Care Careers Helping Veterans

Lila Daniels | 04-11-2014

Meet former U.S. Marine Michael Lewis and learn how he carved out a career helping our nation's heroes -- and how you can, too, with an allied health care career.

10 Important Health Careers in the Treatment of Diabetes

Shannon Lee | 28-10-2014

Diabetes demands a full team of health care providers. These allied health professionals should definitely be on the diabetes team in order to ensure a full, healthy life for someone living with the disease.

Hot in Health Care: 5 Most-Searched Medical Jobs

Rob Sabo | 21-10-2014

Health care offers a wealth of employment opportunities, from nursing to medical assisting or occupational and physical therapy -- and it doesn't take a Ph.D. or medical degree to land one of the hottest jobs in the profession, either. Some hot health care jobs may require as little as one year of training and education.

Cutting-Edge Care and Career Opportunities at University Medical Centers


Numerous health care centers at universities around the country are breaking ground or being renovated or expanded. Whether you are interested in attending these institutions or simply thinking ahead to your employment prospects once you have completed a program elsewhere, such futuristic university health centers are worthy of consideration.

How Some Top University Medical Centers Are Treating Breast Cancer

Kenya McCullum | 08-10-2014

University breast cancer treatment centers are on the cutting edge of treatment and research, making them great places to establish a health care career.

5 Health Care Careers on the Front Lines of Fighting Breast Cancer

Kenya McCullum | 01-10-2014

There are a number of health care professionals helping women fight breast cancer. Learn more about the role these heroes play in treating breast cancer every day.

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