MRI Technician Training in California - CA

    1. Graduate from high school with your diploma or earn your GED.
    2. Find a school with an approved training program in radiologic technology.  This program will take about two years to complete. You will usually graduate with an Associate degree in Radiology, Health Sciences, or Allied Health.
    3. Find a school in California that offers MRI technician training programs. This need not be accredited, as in the state of California; MRI programs do not require accreditation. This will take another year to complete. You will graduate with a specialized certificate in MRI.

  1. Become certified in Radiologic Technology by the ARRT, through taking a national examination. These are offered at Pearson VUE testing centers across the country, including at the following cities in California: Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento, Roseville, and Oakland. To register for the exam, go to www.arrt.org.
  2. Take the ARRT's national certification test to become certified in MRI technology. This is given by Pearson VUE locations in Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento, Roseville and Oakland. Application information for the exam can be found at www.arrt.org.
  3. Apply to the State of California to become certified in Radiologic Technology. The application is at www.cdph.ca.gov/pubsforms/forms/CtrldForms/cdph8200.pdf.  The completed application along with a fee of $75 should be mailed to

California Department of Public Health
Radiologic Health Branch, MS 7610
Accounts Receivable and Cashiering Unit
P.O. Box 997414
Sacramento, CA 95899-7414

The Department of Public Health will get back to you within 30 days of receiving all completed application materials and fees.

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