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Exercise Science Career in Arkansas - AR

By Candy Eggleton, allied health world contributing writer

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Arkansas has the second highest rate of disability of men and women between the ages of 21 and 64 with 17.4% compared to the national average of 12.1% (based on a Cornell University study).  It also ranks 12th in both adult overweight/obesity rates and lowest rate of participation in physical activity. Both of those statistics come from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

These figures combined with the aging of the population as a whole make for excellent opportunities for exercise science careers in Arkansas. Arkansas is also an overall population growth state, with a 9.1% increase in the last decade according to recent US census figures.

A contributing factor for those choosing a career in exercise science is the versatility of the field. Whether working with an athlete on a sports team looking to push the limits or helping the elderly with living skills in a residential care center, there are jobs to be found. Another key concept is that it is a fairly easy entry career – beginning jobs can be had at the non-degree or certificate level. Additional education can then be pursued while already earning a living in the field. For example one can work as a physical therapist aide while studying to become a physical therapist assistant. Further education and experience can lead to advancement to management and supervisory positions.

Exercise Science Schools in Arkansas

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