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Florida Personal Trainer Certification

For those Florida residents interested in starting their personal trainer careers right away--or who don't have the money to enroll in a more advanced program--you may choose from several programs that you'll be able to complete in under three months.

One of your best resources for specialized and basic personal training certification in Florida are the various online schools that now provide comprehensive personal trainer certification. This avenue is a perfect choice for a number of different types of workers: those with a strong background in health and fitness (who may not need advanced programs) or those entering or reentering the workplace with little time for training for preparation.

Getting Certified as a Personal Trainer in Florida

Once trainers have completed their online or campus based Florida personal trainer certification program, they will need to consider what national certification they should obtain. Which one is best? This may come down to cost. For example, the ACE certification exam is prestigious and costs around $300 to take. Others may be slightly more prestigious or qualify a recipient in more advanced fields (such as sports medicine) but may be more expensive and require a more extensive test to obtain.

A comprehensive comparison of costs, benefits, test details and so on for the various certifications is listed at: www.starting-a-personal-training-business.com/personal-training-certification-school.html

Of the many certifying organizations only eight are accredited by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies. Gyms and individuals may indeed seek out trainers who have been certified by one of these eight organizations because they carry with them a prestige that others may not. Essentially, these certifications say that the trainer completed the hands-on and practical training that make them the strong candidates employers and clients are looking for.

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Florida

A number of paths are open to those wanting to become a personal trainer in Florida. Which way you choose is likely to be influenced by the budget and amount of time you have at your disposal. One perk of this industry is if you choose, you can complete personal trainer courses in Florida, earning certification in just a matter of weeks (or even days!) rather than months or years. And, in this challenging economic time, launching a career that will help you earn money right away rather than putting yourself into debt with student loans is a smart option.

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