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Xray Tech Salary in Hawaii – HI

By allied health world contributing writer

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The average annual Hawaii radiology tech salary is $49,000, according to salary figures located on  This salary figure places this group just slightly under the 50th percentile of national earnings in the United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics).   Approximately 700 radiologic technologists are employed in Hawaii, and they can be found in a variety of settings, including physician’s offices, hospitals, health clinics, and chiropractic offices. 

Hawaii Radiology Tech Salary

Salaries do vary in the different cities, but only slightly, as noted below.  Factors that can have a positive influence on salary include type and location of job setting, level of education (i.e. advanced certifications and/or training), years of experience in the field of radiology, and level of position (i.e. management). 

Honolulu Radiology Tech: $45,000
Kaneohe Radiology Tech:  $49,000
Kapolei Radiology Tech:  $45,000
Kauai Radiology Tech: $42,000
Maui Radiology Tech: $46,000
Mililani Radiology Tech: $45,000
Oahu Radiology Tech: $46,000

Hawaii Radiology Rech Continuing Education

Continuing education units or hours are overseen primarily by the ARRT, which requires twenty-four hours every two years.  This requirement must be met to keep the radiologic technologist in good standing with the ARRT as well as in good standing in the state of Hawaii when licensure renewal is due (every two years).  Individuals can attend a variety of courses and complete many types of activities, but they must all be approved by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM) in order to count as hours towards the continuing education requirement.   The ARRT website has more specific detailed explanations of the types of events that are offered and approved, but they include attendance and presentations at professional seminars, publications in radiologic technology textbooks and peer-reviewed journals, and completion of advanced certifications and training related to the field. 

Hawaii Radiology Tech Associations

Professional organizations are important to any profession and radiology is no exception.  These organizations are the link to continuing education announcements and events, legislative issues within the profession, resources for students and practicing technologists, and sources for volunteer and governance opportunities.  The following are specific to the field of radiologic technology and its related specialties, in addition to specific links for those practicing or looking to practice in Hawaii. 

Radiology Technician Schools in Hawaii

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