Herbal Medicine Training in Virginia - VA

How to Become an Herbalist in Virginia

Herbal medicine training in Virginia provides aspiring practitioners in the field an understanding of how herbs and plants may be used as pharmaceutical alternatives.  While some individuals apprentice under qualified mentors in lieu of enrollment in formal coursework, most acquire knowledge of the discipline through specialty programs that are either short, e.g., fewer than 12 months, or up to 36 months.  Training generally enables Virginia‚Äôs future herbalists to understand relevant fields like nutrition, biology and horticulture.  They are also typically familiarized with basic medical terminology, which will prepare them to communicate effectively about their work once they enter the profession.

Herbalist training in Virginia enables individuals to transition more seamlessly from coursework to career within an array of occupational choices.  For example, herbalists may be employed as account executives for health supplement retailers, owners of natural medicine stores and private consultants.  Both the salary and projected employment of herbalists is contingent on client demand, which is greatly influenced by demographic factors and healthcare trends.  Payscale.com reports the median annual salary of herbalists as between $24,546 and $62,400.  CareerBuilder.com provides data for holistic practitioners.  The site reports these professionals earn $45,007 annually in the capital city of Richmond.  Career opportunities are also viable in the city of Arlington and in the Hampton Roads cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, all of which are among the most populated cities in the state.

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