How to Become a Nutritionist in District of Columbia - DC

How does executive chef sound? What about contributing editor or nutritional advisor to the White House? These and many other careers are possible with training in nutrition or a similar health related degree. The question is not how to become a nutritionist in Washington, DC; it is what will you choose to do with the skills you develop through training? There is a wide range of specializations available to graduates of nutrition programs.  Popular titles for nutritionists include Diabetes Nutrition Educator, Nutrition Services Supervisor, Nutrition Technician or Nutrition Program Manager.

Training and programs will provide coursework in diet, anatomy and exercise along with core classes in science, anatomy, biology, chemistry and mathematics. Washington, DC supports education and has proved it with an on-going tuition assistance program.  The D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant Program has given in excess of $100 million (that’s right one hundred million dollars) to students since the year 2000. Assistance is available to resident or out-of state students and provides relief for public and private education, as well as limited funding for community colleges. Funds are available to cover costs of books and materials as well as housing, and may even be used at accredited universities across the nation. Special consideration is given to any Washington, DC student who was directly affected by the tragedy on 9/11/2001. With help and funding behind you, how could you not choose this lucrative career?

Nutritionist Schools