Become a Nutritionist in New York

How to Become a Nutritionist in New York

In order to become a nutritionist in New York, you must have an active state license. The New York State Office of the Professions is the state agency that will be reviewing your licensure application and issuing your state license.

The fee for your license will be $294, and you must renew your license every three years. There is no continuing education requirement to renew your state license, but there will be requirements related to your certification.

Be sure to review the following steps, as they will be essential for you to begin working as a nutritionist in New York.

  1. Research and understand the state licensing process for this profession in New York. 
  2. Determine which accrediting agency will be required for your education. Attend a school that has accreditation from that organization.
  3. Discover the different types of degrees and determine which is best for you.
  4. Learn about certification. Apply for and take the associated examination to become certified.

Degree Choices

Nutritionist schools in New York will usually offer three different programs: (1) an associate’s degree, (2) a bachelor’s degree, and (3) a master’s degree. In order to be licensed in this state, you are only required to have an associate’s degree, which usually equates to 2 years of study. However, many employers do have a preference to those professionals with a bachelor’s degree, which is a 4-year degree.

The master’s degree is ideal for those who are already working as nutritionists and want to develop or advance their careers further. Depending on what type of degree you already have, a master’s degree can add anywhere from 2 to 4 years of additional schooling.

No matter which degree choice you go with, there are some parts of the curriculum that will remain the same. Some of the courses that you can will be taking on your journey to a nutritionist degree include human anatomy, the digestive system, biology, chemistry, and human development.

Nutritionist Schools