Become a Psychologist in Kansas - KS

Once the educational requirements have been completed, the next step for those interested in knowing how to become a psychologist in Kansas is to apply for licensure in the state through the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (www.ksbsrb.org). A complete form with instructions is available on their website and will guide you through the steps required in the licensure process. There is a fee of $225.00 that must be included, along with supporting materials such as transcripts from universities attended, verification forms from supervising psychologists, and professional reference forms.

Once your application for a Kansas psychologist license has been approved by the Board, you will be notified and given information on how to apply for and schedule your appointment to sit for the national certification examination. Kansas accepts scores from the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) with a passing score of 70%. There is a $500.00 fee to sit for this examination.

Step by Step How to Become a Psychologist in Kansas:

  • Select the undergraduate program that you wish to attend in Kansas (visit the APA website for an approved curriculum list)
  • Complete this program and begin to research master’s degree programs and internship opportunities
  • After completion of a master’s degree program, apply for and complete a doctorate program in psychology
  • Contact the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (www.ksbsrb.org) for a licensure application and submit the required fee and supporting materials
  • Approval of the above application will lead to the application process for the EPPP national certification exam
  • Complete the exam application and submit the required fee
  • Achieve Kansas licensure and begin practicing in your chosen specialty
  • Maintain all ethical standards and continuing education requirements as established by the BSRD


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