How to Become a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in Connecticut – CT

Connecticut sure has plenty to offer a future nuclear medicine technologist.  Beautiful landscaping, breathtaking ocean views, well-known health care facilities await you in the Constitution State.  Like in any state, nuclear medicine technologist careers in Connecticut will require certification and training.  To complete the training program, follow the three E’s: education, experience, examination. 

First, educate yourself in the world of nuclear medicine.  Whether you choose to earn an Associates Degree or extend your education into a Bachelor’s Degree is completely up to you.  Decide what works with your life commitments and get started.  Enroll in a college or university that offers a nuclear medicine training program that is accredited.  Go to class or complete online courses.  At the end of your educational period, you will graduate with a degree in nuclear medicine.

Next, gain some much needed experience through clinical trials and residency programs.  Many of the job requirements simply cannot be learned through lecture alone.  Nuclear medicine technologists are responsible for obtaining accurate, detailed images of patients using a variety of machines in conjunction with radionuclide.

Lastly, take the examination.  Many different nuclear medicine technologist societies offer examinations in nuclear medicine.  Several states, including Connecticut, require anyone working with nuclear medicine to be certified, which means you need to pass a test.  There are also specialty exams offered in PET Scanning and Cardiology, which can be taken at a later time.

Nuclear Medicine Schools