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How to Become a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in Missouri – MO

By Kathy Foust, allied health world contributing writer

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Nuclear medicine technologist careers in Missouri offer residents of Missouri the chance to be involved in some of the most cutting edge technology that there is to be found in medicine. This field uses radiation to perform diagnostic testing and get results that were not previously possibly. Nuclear medicine allows us a glimpse into some medical issues before they actually damage tissue. This allows medical professionals to create care plans that take preventative measures and improve chances of success for Missouri patients.

Missouri does not require a state license to be a professional nuclear medicine technologist. Certification is recommended not just by the state of Missouri, but by other states as well, since it is a nationally recognized credential. Certification can be sought after educational goals have been met.

Nuclear medicine technologist careers in Missouri are not just about completing scientific testing using nuclear materials. Technologists interact with patients as they perform the tests. Many of these patients will be frightened ans unfamiliar with the process of using radiopharmaceuticals. The nuclear medicine technologist needs to be personable and well versed in their field so that they can assist patients to overcome these fears.

Part of the process of testing is protecting both staff and patients from harm, so proper safety procedures are a must. The nuclear medicine technologists in Missouri are not only expected to do their job in a safe manner, but they must be confident enough in their knowledge to help the patients develop a basic understanding of the procedure.

Nuclear Medicine Schools in Missouri

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