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Choosing to establish an integrative medical practice is a decision made largely based on a personal calling to practice medicine with the highest level of integrity and a desire to make use of all the valid natural and alternative concepts of healing that mankind has fostered through the ages. The financial benefits of an integrative medical practice for an MD, ND, or DO are considerable. Here Allied Health World answers questions about salaries and income potential for doctors looking to establish integrative medical practices:

How much can a practitioner of integrative medicine earn?

The concept of integral or integrative medicine is often applied to physical therapy, family practice (MD), naturopathic practice (ND), or osteopathic practice (DO). Doctors and other health care practitioners have always been recognized as being among the best compensated of any workers in any industry. Although there are some opportunities for retaining integrative medicine jobs within an established practice, opening an independent practice is more common. Independently operated integrative medical practice would be as lucrative as any independent MD, ND, or DO practice. Practitioners of this specialized approach to medicine have the potential to earn even more than conventional MD, ND, or DOs since an integrative medical practice would be appealing to those doctors wages patients interested in alternative approaches to healing as well as those who prefer a more conventional approach to medicine.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has published information showing the median yearly income for family practice physicians as being $137,119 in their first year of practice, and $156,010 after two years in practice.

This BLS publication went on to say that specialized physicians who operate independent practices are among the best compensated of any medical professionals, and can earn even more than their salaried counterparts. The BLS publication was careful to note that the number of years in practice, the location of the practice, and the number of hours spent in the office were also significant factors in an independently employed physicians yearly income. It is also important to consider that doctors who operate independent practices need to provide for their own health insurance and retirement.

According to the BLS, a physician’s demonstrated skill, professional reputation, and even personality can play a significant role in yearly income as well. This can be particularly true of practitioners of Integrative medicine who are likely to develop a following of devoted patients who provide a steady stream of referrals.

The following table represents information published by the BLS and other sources providing information specific to various specialized medical practices in which certain physicians have incorporated the practice of integrative medicine:

Type of Practice Average Hourly Wage Average Yearly Income
OBGYN Practice $64.15 $133,430
Internist Practice $63.48 $132,030
Osteopathic Practice $59.41 $123,580
Pediatric Practice $56.03 $116,550
Psychiatric Practice $54.60 $113,570
Family Practice $52.89 $110,020
Chiropractic Practice $42.84 $91,900
Naturopathic Practice $35.71 $80,000
Physical Therapy practice $25.00 $50,700

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