Eligibility and Benefits for Medical Office Assistant Training

Those active military members who would like to pursue a career in the medical office assistant field are advised to take medical office assistant courses while they are still active. The reason: If the medical office assistant field correlates to the officer’s career military specialty, 100 percent of fees and other tuition-related costs will be covered. In fact, 75 percent of these costs will still be covered by the military if the classes are not related to that officer’s career specialty.

Those who have completed their service in the military may use the GI Bill following military separation, and even active officers can use the GI Bill following military service of two years. The GI Bill will be at your disposal for up to ten years following separation from the Armed Forces. It will pay for a maximum of 36 full-time academic months.

Military members who would like to become medical office assistants once their service is complete are encouraged to test out of as many college courses as possible while on active duty. They can attempt to test out of classes through a program called Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support, also known as DANTES. Surf over to http://www.military.com/timesaving-programs/defense-activity-for-non-traditional-education-support-dantes for more information.

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