Medical Office Manager Duties

What types of spreadsheets or analysis is the medical office manager responsible for?

It is the responsibility of the medical office manager to provide the physician(s) with regular updates regarding the budget, and to notify them if the budget is suffering and marketing efforts need to be made to generate more business. Typically medical office managers run a “dashboard” type of report for physicians that summarizes business activity. The payer fee schedules are typically reviewed on an annual basis and payment vouchers are checked regularly to be certain the office is being paid according to the fee schedule. The payer mix is also continually reviewed in terms of the percentage of charges versus percentage of revenue to determine which payers the office wishes to continue to participate with and which they choose to discontinue. Benchmarking statistics are also reviewed by the medical office manager such as “days in accounts receivable” meaning the average time it takes for insurance claims to be paid in full. The medical office manager can also let the doctors know how much there is in the budget for new equipment for the practice.

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What are some of the duties of a medical office manager?

While each office manager position has different specific job duties and levels of responsibility, the following is an example of one

Financial Management

  • Prepares and/or oversees the preparation of operational budgets and ensures that appropriate accounting systems are in place to furnish data on all financial matters.
  • Develops sound billing and data retrieval systems; oversees the claims-processing and accounts receivables systems to ensure timely cash flow.
  • Consults with actuaries, accountants and attorneys regarding all practice financial statements, pension and tax matters.
  • Reviews, analyzes and negotiates managed care contracts.
  • Manages accounts payable.
  • Reviews the accounting system to ensure it is operating within the limits of well-defined internal control standards.


  • Develops/ revises personnel policies and procedures, job specifications, staff performance evaluation methods and other personnel related forms and records.
  • Makes hiring, performance and disciplinary determinations and maintains all permanent personnel files.
  • Creates work environment that encourages growth and development of employees.
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  • Assists in the development of a short and long term strategic plan for the practice.
  • Works with physicians and staff to implement clinic goals and objectives in support of strategic plan.
  • Monitors activities and operations to ensure that the practice successfully meets its objectives.
  • Directs marketing and promotional activities for the practice.
  • Directs implementation of operational systems to achieve effective and efficient management of workloads and workflow.
  • Directs or secures the services and products of outside sources such as accounting, business insurance, equipment, office furnishings, legal and other advisory or support services.
  • Standardizes procedures and initiates change where necessary; constantly reviews procedures to strive for more efficient ways to conduct business and improve patient relations.
  • Evaluates, assists in selection, installation and maintenance of all practice computer software and hardware.

Communications and Reporting

  • Ensures that regular meetings are held with physicians to discuss status of practice operations, new programs/services and to review financial data.
  • Prepares and submits financial reports and information on other administrative activities to physicians on a regular basis.
  • Schedules and conducts regular staff meetings to inform the staff of changes in the practice’s policies, to update and educate staff and to resolve and/or prevent problems.


  • Finds ways to market the business to maintain a good image and new patients.
  • Buys airtime on the radio or television to run ads, publish articles in publications, or participate in booths at health care events.
  • Sometimes outside marketing companies are hired by the healthcare management professional to put together marketing plans involving analysis and demographics of the patient population through focus groups and other means to learn what the patients believe needs to be improved in the office.
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Patient relations

  • Listens to any patient who has an issue with the office.
  • Finds ways to increase patient satisfaction.

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