Medical Transcriptionist Career

What are the various employment settings for a medical transcriptionist?

The vast majority of medical transcription careers are home based. Other transcriptionists work either as an employee or independent contractor, for a physician’s office, hospital, or through a medical transcription service. Medical transcription is a profession that lends itself to a home-based work setup because it is an easily portable skill with very little equipment needed. Hospitals still employ some transcriptionists who work on site to transcribe emergencies or stat reports, which are documents that need to be transcribed right away due to ongoing clinical decision-making that is dependent on those documents being immediately accessibility to care providers.

Are there other names/titles for the profession of medical transcriptionist?

Historically these professionals have been called medical transcriptionists or medical scribes but as the profession migrates towards other roles the title has shifted to healthcare documentation specialists. The professional who listens to a dictation and

What is the medical transcription workforce like?

There are approximately 250,000-300,000 medical transcriptionists working in the United States. This does not include off shores resources an employer may utilize. Some of these professionals are full time whereas others work part time hours. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a much smaller number of medical transcriptionists but it only includes those classified as employees, and there are quite a large number of professionals in this industry working as independent contractors.

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