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Medical Billing and Coding

By Ashley Boyce, an allied health world staff writer

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Medical Billing & Coding—Taking a closer look into this high-demand field

The medical industry has come to rely heavily on medical billing and coding experts.  These professionals work to maintain and organize the endless stream of medical records and billing information that is processed through hospitals and other medical facilities everyday.  Experts in this unique medical profession are responsible for the vitally important task of maintaining accurate medical records on patients, and processing bills for their medical services to insurance companies.  The success of modern medicine is largely dependant on doctors’ ability to access patients’ comprehensive medical histories.  These records would include such potentially life-saving medical information as previous diagnosis, the efficacy of treatments administered, or even findings that reveal potentially fatal allergies to medicine or anesthesia.  Medical records would also include family medical histories and genetic predispositions to certain diseases. 


The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) describes the profession as the glue that holds healthcare Medical Billing & Codingtogether.  The ability for doctors to have immediate access to patient information is often the difference between successful and unsuccessful treatment, or even life and death in some cases.  At the least, access to this information makes patient treatment much more efficient and issue-specific.  This unique medical profession works to streamline patient care by seeing to it the billing process, or any lack of background medical information, won’t be a hindrance to medical treatment.  Proper management of medical information is the pathway to safer, higher quality healthcare for everybody.

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Are there options to work from home?

Billing and coding specialists have the very unique option of being able to work from home.  If this is accomplished by establishing a business and getting contracts through medical facilities, then it would involve all the benefits and potential problems that would come with operating any home-based business; including competing with large established billing and coding service firms.  It is fair to warn that some offers for home-based career software packages have proven fraudulent, so it is important to be cautious when considering going this are, however, options for retaining more traditional employment through a billing and coding service firm, hospital, or other medical facility while still working from home.  Some of these institutions have embraced this as a way to help reduce overhead.  In these instances the hospital or medical facility provides the software and the online medical billing and coding training to get its home-based employees up and running.

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