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Medical Billing and Coding Education in New York - NY

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Medical Billing and Coding Organizations in New York

The American Academy of Professional Coders is a national organization that provides certification for coders and is also a great resource for professionals working in this field. Coders may become members of this organization and attend conferences. There are local chapters in some areas and joining this group provides a great opportunity for coders to become involved in their profession. The AAPA also has training for those interested in becoming a coder.  There are books available as resources for those studying for certification exams. On this organization’s website there is also an area to search for jobs in the medical coding profession.

The American Health Information Management Association is another organization like The American Academy of Professional Coders that provides certification for professional coders. The A.H.I.M.A. is a lot like the A.A.P.A. and is a great resource for people interested in becoming medical billers/coders and people who are already medical billers/coders. Like the A.A.P.A. there are local geographic chapters for people who are medical billers/coders in New York State.


Steps to Becoming a Medical Biller/Coder in New York State

  1. Take the time to find an accredited Medical Billing/Coding program. These programs can be found at both online and campus-based universities.  You’ll find schools offering a New York medical billing certificate, coding certificate, or comprehensive medical billing and coding certification in New York.
  2. Start school. Most programs require as little as 9 months of school for a New York medial billing certificate program and two years of school for an associate’s degree.
  3. After you finish your education, you will be required to become certified as a medical billing and coding professional in order to work in New York. There are three types of certification offered by the American Billing Association. The first is called Certified Coding Associate. This is the first level in certification and requires that people pass a basic coding test. The second level is called a Certified Coding Specialist. The CCS says that you are able to classify medical data from patient records in a hospital setting. The last level of certification is Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based. This is the highest level of certification. CCS-P generally specializes in a particular type of practice such as Cardiology or General Surgery. They work with a single practice or group practices. There are a few CCS-P who have the expertise to work with more than one specialty. Most specialize in one because the coding is similar. Once certified, it is important to know the specific billing codes and stay up to date on the latest changes by attending workshops.
  4. Most places will not hire without experience so it’s important to intern with a practice you would like to gain employment from or job shadow someone who is experienced in the medical billing and coding profession. The AAPA offers a program called Project Extern that allows coders to gain experience. The externship is between 30 and 90 days.
  5. Create a resume and start looking for jobs. There are many companies in New York currently hiring medical billers/coders. Once you obtain a job it’s important to stay up to date on the latest code changes and attend professional development courses and workshops.

Medical Billing & Coding Schools in New york

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