Nurse Practitioner School in Massachusetts - MA

According to the Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, nurse practitioners are nationally certified registered nurses who have advanced education (a graduate degree). In Massachusetts, nurse practitioners are licensed to diagnose and treat illness and injury, give physical exams, order and read diagnostic tests, write prescriptions, and counsel patients. Students who are interested in this exciting profession should consider nurse practitioner schools in Massachusetts.

In order to become a nurse practitioner in Massachusetts, students must first earn a bachelor degree, and then find a graduate nursing program. Nurse practitioner schools in Massachusetts exist that accept those with a bachelor degree in a field other than nursing, enabling them to first attain registered nurse licensure in the state then go on to pursue graduate studies that will lead to becoming a nurse practitioner. There are ten schools in Massachusetts that currently offer training for nurse practitioners at the master’s and doctorate level. After completing school, prospective NPs in Massachusetts must take and pass the national certification exam administered by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Finally, once you pass the exam, you must complete Massachusetts’ licensure process by submitting an application to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing for advanced practice authorization, along with your current RN license, a copy of your NP certification, and transcripts from your NP school. The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing will issue your NP license within one week of receiving these documents.

Nurse Practitioner Schools