Nurse Practitioner School in Tennessee - TN

The state of Tennessee ranks among the highest in the nation for obesity rates, poor oral health, and number of adults suffering from diabetes. These factors, among others, are potential reasons why individuals seek out medical careers in Tennessee. The demand for healthcare workers is prevalent and many are turning to advanced medical degrees to expand their expertise and earning potential. One avenue for obtaining an advanced medical degree lies in enrolling in one of the nurse practitioner schools in Tennessee.

Typically, nurse practitioner hopefuls have already obtained a science-related bachelors degree and hold an RN certification. However, a growing number of individuals with non-science bachelor’s decide to pursue careers as nurse practitioners in Tennessee. For these individuals, several nurse practitioner schools in Tennessee offer programs that include prerequisite science coursework in addition to fulfilling the coursework needed to obtain a nurse practitioner certification.

To become a nurse practitioner in Tennessee, individuals must successfully complete the required clinical and pharmacology practicum to earn their master’s in nursing and achieve certification as an ARNP through the state. During the two-to-four year master’s program, nurse practitioner hopefuls determine their specialty or area in which they wish to utilize their certification. Specialties for nurse practitioners in Tennessee are as varied as the medical field itself. Nurse practitioners can focus on specialties in anything from pediatrics to geriatrics, neurology to endocrinology, and everything in between.

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