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Psychology Salary

By Ashley Boyce, an allied health world staff writer

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How much do professional psychologists make?

Of course the various psychological professions vary greatly in what they pay the professionals in their field.  According to the APA’s Center for Workforce Studies, faculty psychologists in a hospital or clinic earn about $71,000 per year.
Psychology Salary
Research psychologists working at a university make an average of $85,000 yearly.

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Psychologists in some fields of applied psychology engaged in organizational consultation, marketing research, or systems & equipment design can make upwards of $140,000 each year.

Psychologists with administrative roles that require managerial responsibilities in hospitals or clinics can earn as much as $105,000 yearly.

Masters level positions in direct human services, counseling, schools, or one of the many sub-fields of applied psychology like forensic psychology, will earn between $45,000 and $80,000 yearly.

Doctoral degree-level psychologists practicing in either a partnership or a private practice can expect yearly incomes of $80,000 to $120,000.

How can a career in psychology be personally rewarding?

Psychologists we talked describe being rewarded by the deep satisfaction that comes from helping people overcome their psychological problems to become both functional and happy.  Psychological disturbances can be so debilitating and life affecting, that overcoming these can often times mean a completely new reality free of fear, anxiety, depression, and self-loathing.  Being instrumental in this kind of revolutionary change is what draws people to practice psychology.

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Psychologist, in most cases, can expect to earn a comfortable living.  Operating a private practice is often most lucrative and allows the freedom to work from home at chosen hours.

What are the character traits of a good counseling psychologist?

Effective psychologists are drawn to psychology more as a personal calling than strictly a vocational profession.  Psychology in practice is almost as much an art as it is a science, and requires the talents of individuals who are motivated by the purest intentions.  This assures they will be effective in their role as therapist.  To be a good psychologist a person must have the ability to be deeply empathetic to the distress of others.

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Psychologists bare an enormous responsibility in the handling of individuals who are in a compromised emotional state.  The very nature of the deeply personal discourse between psychologist and client requires psychologists to be extremely trustworthy.  They must bring an uncompromised level of integrity to their practice and be willing to hold to the highest ethical standards.  It is said that a good therapist causes no harm, while a great therapist may do some good.

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