Careers in Public Health

What are some public health careers currently in focus?

The variance in the types of public health careers is as wide as the variance in issues specific to public health currently being discussed in the public form. Working on ways to resolve these issues continues to be the focus of all public health professionals, regardless of their chosen vocation. Although the jobs performed by these professionals are vastly different from one another, they all share a common concern for the health and wellness of the communities in which they work.

Health educators are needed to teach our nation’s youth about everything from safe sexual conduct to maintaining high standards of cleanliness in an effort to reduce the spread of communicable diseases.

Nutritionists are needed to ensure schools and other public institutions offer lunch programs with nutritionally complete meals.

How do public health professionals implement methods of prevention?

The creation of a first of it’s kind medical bill that will extend medical coverage to millions of Americans who have never before had access has contributed to making issues related to public health common talking points among all Americans. Citizens of this country are now becoming more aware of how issues of health within our communities, our country, and the world affect us all individually and collectively.

In exploring all means by which to achieve an improvement in the health of the communities they serve, public health professionals promote preventative measures that have been recognized as the best means by which to combat many public health issues.

The formula of better diet and increased exercise is simple, albeit a tricky one to implement. While public health advocates are working to promote taxation on sugary beverages and are pushing to have soda machines removed from public schools, they find themselves in opposition with cash-strapped school districts who look to these soda machines as sources of much-needed revenue. Sadly, afterschool athletic programs are among the first things to be cut when a school looks for ways to save money as operating expenses grow and revenue stagnates.

Public health careers in this context will continue to be focused on education and motivation while placing the individual and collective health of communities first and foremost.

Public Health Schools