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How can I begin to build a career as a radiology assistant?

Those interested in becoming radiology assistants must first become radiographers. To accomplish this, most students and health care professionals successfully complete a post-secondary radiography program. Currently, there are hundreds of accredited radiography programs available throughout the country with at least one in every state (and Washington, DC).

By graduating from these programs, students will qualify to sit for a competency examination administered by the AART. Then, by passing this examination, radiography certification is granted.

Although some radiographers are not certified, those aspiring to become registered radiology assistants are required to get ARRT-certified as radiographers beforehand. After radiography certification, it is essential to gain a few years of work experience as a

Where are radiologist assistant schools available?

Before becoming a radiology assistant, professionals must first acquire the formal education and training necessary to accurately and safety assist radiologists in patient care. One of the cornerstones of a successful career is selecting a radiology assistant school that provides students with both relevant coursework and applied clinical practice in a radiology environment.

Although using a radiology school to qualify for eventual certification is optional in some states, national ARRT certification is quickly becoming an industry standard. As such, though students may start their education by enrolling in a few introductory radiology courses through a community hospital or technical school, most aspiring radiology assistant select ARRT-approved schools that will allow them to gain certification post-graduation. These particular radiology assistant schools are primarily located in private and state colleges and universities. Radiology assistant programs within these colleges and universities are usually offered through one of the following departments: health professions, biological and allied health sciences, health related professions, science and technology, allied health professions, health sciences and human services, health science, and allied medical professions.

How many ARRT-approved radiology schools are available? Where are they located?

Presently, there are eleven different colleges and universities that provide radiology assistant degree programs in the United States that are recognized by the ARRT. These schools can be found in Bellevue, Washington; Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania; Loma Linda, California; Wichita Falls, Texas; Hamden, Connecticut; Columbus, Ohio; Little Rock, Arkansas; Newark, New Jersey; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Ogden, UT.

While these programs may seem scarce, students should not be discouraged. Many radiology programs endorsed by the ARRT do offer online and distance learning for completing required coursework. Students that decide to choose these alternative learning methods may be responsible for finding clinical training sites or clinical preceptorship possibilities in their own local communities. 

What kinds of degrees do radiology assistant schools offer?

Most radiology schools only offer either baccalaureate-level or graduate-level degrees for radiology assistants. Two popular baccalaureate degrees earned by radiology assistants are a Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiation and Imaging Sciences: Radiologist Assistant and a Bachelor of Science in Radiology Practitioner Assistant/Radiology Assistant.

Students will find a wider variety of radiology assistant degree choices available through graduate programs. For instance, students may earn one of the following degrees: Master of Science in Radiology Assistant, Master of Science in Radiologic Science: Radiologist Assistant, Master of Health Science in Radiologist Assistant, and Master of Imaging Sciences: Radiologist Assistant.

Professionals that want to continue to use education for the purpose of prompting career advancement opportunities and securing a better radiology assistant salary, can also earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Radiology or a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Radiology. These doctorate degrees can be completed either through graduate schools or online schools.

Radiology Assistant Schools