Social Work Salaries in Utah - UT

The U.S. Department of Labor reports salaries of social workers in Utah range between approximately $40,000 (child, family and school professionals) and $49,000 (mental health and substance abuse professionals).  In comparison to average social worker salaries in the country which range between approximately $41,000 (mental health and substance abuse professionals) and $50,000 (non-specialty professionals), the income of social workers in Utah is comparable to that of their colleagues across the country.

In three of the most populous cities in Utah—Salt Lake, Provo and Ogden—average social worker salaries range from approximately $38,000 (child, family and school professionals) in Ogden to $$53,000 (medical and public health professionals), also in Ogden.  Moreover, medical and public health social workers earn the most across these cities, averaging almost $50,000 annually.

Graduates of social work programs can pursue occupations at social service agencies, community organizations and leading hospitals such as Intermountain Medical Center and University of Utah Health Care.  Those who hold graduate degrees may also act as consultants to policy institutions and teach on the university level if they hold doctorates.

Over 100,000 social workers are projected to enter the field of social work in the U.S. by 2018.  Individuals who pursue this career are certain to find their knowledge and expertise in demand as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the need for qualified social workers continues to grow at a rate faster than the majority of occupations in the country.

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