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Medical Office Manager Salary in South Carolina – SC

By Mat Lindenberg, allied health world contributing writer

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The medical industry is set to expand, and according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, demand for medical office managers will rocket up to as much as 17% over the next several years. With that demand will come rising salaries resulting from increased competition among employers for skilled medical office managers.

For now, though, a medical office manager salary in South Carolina is still quite decent, averaging $51,000 a year, according to There is some variance around the state in regard to salaries;

  • Charleston - $45,000
  • North Charleston - $44,000
  • Columbia - $43,000
  • Greenville - $42,000

There are several different levels of jobs in the career of medical office management, and these levels pay differently.  Practice administrators, who might run facilities consisting of many physicians and medical professionals, or oversee managerial aspects of a care facility like Palmetto Health or the Medical University of South Carolina, can make considerably more. Six figure salaries are not uncommon for these large hospital practice administrators.  Practice mangers and medical office managers working in positions higher-up in the hierarchy and can also do quite well.  Those medical office managers making around the average for South Carolina are the ones in charge of the day-to-day details of smaller, independent medical practices. 

Medical office managers in South Carolina have some very favorable prospects to look forward to in the coming years, and combined with the careers wealth of promotional opportunities, this is an excellent time to start down the path of medical office management.

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