Xray Tech Salary in South Carolina – SC

Earning supervised training experience by completing an externship program is another way radiology technicians gain a competitive edge in the industry. Employers value the hands-on environment these programs offer. Externships are generally offered in healthcare facilities where radiology technicians may qualify for entry-level positions upon externship completion. South Carolina residents are encouraged to contact local hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient care centers and diagnostic laboratories to inquire about externship opportunities.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that, like most healthcare professions, radiology technicians can expect an optimistic career outlook. In fact, the field of radiology technology may grow as much as 17% by 2018, opening up as many as 37,000 more available jobs. South Carolina radiology technicians can therefore anticipate an increase in employment, salary and job security. According to indeed.com, the average annual South Carolina radiology tech salary is $43,000/yr. Salary averages for the largest cities in South Carolina are as follows:

  • Columbia, South Carolina Radiology Tech: $34,000/yr
  • Charleston, South Carolina Radiology Tech: $40,000/yr
  • North Charleston, South Carolina Radiology Tech: $40,000/yr
  • Rock Hill, South Carolina Radiology Tech: $46,000/yr
  • Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Radiology Tech: $40,000/yr

Source: www.indeed.com

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