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Sports Medicine Practitioner Salary in Alabama - AL

By Susan Maphis, allied health world contributing writer

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If one averages the salaries of eleven of the positions possible with a sports medicine degree in Alabama, the average sports medicine salary in Alabama comes out to be $52,416. This figure is a bit misleading, however, even though it is derived from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, as positions in sports medicine require different degrees: for some an associate degree is sufficient; for others, a bachelor degree is necessary; and for others, one must have a graduate degree.

Still, Alabama offers graduates of sports medicine programs lucrative pay rates. The following are some statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on average salaries for sports medicine-related positions in Alabama:

  • Athletes and sports competitors:  $95,880
  • Coaches and scouts:  $35,550
  • Umpires, referees and sports officials:  $34,200
  • Nutritionists:  $47,700
  • Occupational therapists:  $66,240
  • Physical therapists:  $76,260
  • Recreational therapists:  $36,320
  • Exercise physiologists:  $51,370
  • Occupational therapy assistants:  $48,530
  • Physical therapy assistants:  $44,790

While these positions may seem quite diverse, they all center on sports medicine and the idea of helping people through injury prevention, health care, rehabilitation services and athletic education. Various modes of technology and equipment are used to accomplish this main goal, depending upon the position chosen. Opportunities in sports medicine may be found all across the state of Alabama. 

Sports Medicine Schools in Alabama

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