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Allied Health World was born of the idea that aspiring allied health professionals need a single, reliable source of Top 10 health blogsinformation on training, education, and career preparation in the various technical, diagnostic, and therapeutic fields of allied health. This site represents the collaborative effort of dozens of allied health professionals who have leant their time and expertise to help make this idea a reality.

By granting interviews, and contributing essays that provide an experienced field-oriented perspective, the nursing professionals that have contributed to this site have helped to create one of the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched sources of information available on the subject of nursing.

From nursing assistants, to advanced practice nurses and nurse informaticists, Allied Health World has established a unique partnership with professionals representing the many fields of nursing. From the education needed to satisfy state licensing requirements, to the clinical training necessary to meet national certification standards, we've worked to make career preparation easy to understand and accessible to the next generation of nursing professionals.

Allied Health World wants to recognize the personal and professional commitment of the nurses who dedicate their time to blogging about their work lives. We value the professional dedication that it takes to share the perspective and wisdom that can only come from the unique experience of working in the field.

Congrats to the winners of the AHW award for top ten nursing blogs of 2011!

codeblog.comThis is a weblog specifically designed for health care professionals to share their personal stories. These stories take place in schools, hospitals, hospices, at ball games, recitals, clinics, and even on planes and trains. MD's, RN's, LPN's, nurses' aides, unit support managers, office managers, volunteers, or even citizens…..we all have a story to tell. is the place to share these stories.

newfnp.comThis blog is for new NPs or NP students who want some real 411 on the life of a new practitioner. The creator of this New FNP Blog is a self-proclaimed, "new practitioner in a busy, understaffed, urban community health clinic in a major metropolitan area". I would describe this blog as a medical blog crosses "Sex in The City." A stylish blog that induces readers to imagine and giggle at the same time!

alliedhealthblog.comThis blog caught our eye due to the vast amount of knowledge regarding not only nursing, but also many different health issues that affect us all. This blog was not only about nurses, but seemed to reach out to all health care professionals as an attempt to provide a resource about survival in allied health fields. From blogs about how to prevent cancer through nutrition to tips about emotional survival in a high pressure industry, the Allied Health Blog seems to provide an "ally" (pardon the pun) for the health care industry….cause in the end….we really all are in this together aren't we? is the life and adventures starring a flight nurse who rides a motorcycle, loves spin classes, and practices yoga, knitting and meditation on the regular. She is a licensed RN, Adult Acute Care NP, and Paramedic, since the nature of her job requires it. The site is about her life as a flight nurse/medic, and also about being a human being walking in this world. Her site is accessible and personal because it portrays a realistic view of the nursing profession. In her own words…."We are not order followers and bed-pan-changers. We aren't wait staff. We are highly educated, well-trained health care providers who are an important part of the continuum of care. Some of us are just a bit more extreme then others when it comes to where we provide that care!" This blog is written by a labor and delivery Nurse in Pennsylvania. She currently works in a very large teaching hospital in the labor and delivery unit, as a registered nurse. This witty blog likes to write about gastric bypass surgery adventures, subsequent struggles with weight loss, and other general complications faced at work. This blogger likes to write about her travels and trips in the U.S., and basically whatever pops up into her head!

digitaldoorway.comA digital doorway blog is a venue for "creative expression, adventures in nursing, (personal) reflection, thoughtful reverie, thoughtless repose, and other flotsam and jetsam". This blogger is a nurse, a laughter yoga leader, a writer/blogger, and a Certified Professional Coach. Him and his wife actually have a whole other site dedicated to Life Coaching (that you can find on the blog). Originally this nurse was interested in pursuing a career in the arts, but life naturally led him to pursue healthcare and service to others. He dreams of living a simple, community-oriented existence in a Spanish-speaking country with the lovely companionship of his treasured wife, his dogs, and some good friends. He imagines his next world to be fueled by good wine, an organic garden, and a pile of books. Sounds good to me, and makes me want to read more.

blissfulentropy.blogspot.comThis blogger's description was so good, I just copied it directly from her site…..she says, "I drink too much coffee and not enough water. I smile a lot and sleep a little. I'm a happily married mom of five, two of who pack my mitochondrial DNA and the other three of who were part of the bonus plan that came along with their amazing father. I'm an ER nurse, a writer, an editor, a great cook, and the poster child for ADD. I'm a happy person, mostly - though my shrink says I have anger issues. I don't misspell, I can't sing to save my soul, and I like big words, junk food, and antiques. And I hate ironing". Need I say more?

rehabrn.blogspot.comThis blog is written by a nurse that works in a rehabilitation facility called The Hotel Rehab. Rehab RN also lives on a farm with various wild animals including (but not limited to) by name: Dahey, Bubba, and WildDog. She works at The Hotel Rehab, in order to pay her bills……and more importantly, to get material for her blog and stand up comedy routine. In her own words, "Hope you enjoy this dramatization of my little world" and….."say thank you to your favorite nurses, 'cause we not only wipe you, we also just might have to save you, and we do it with a smile 24/7".

10centandbeyond.blogspot.comThis blogger is labor and delivery RN "in a medium size hospital in the Midwest". She works weekends, and is a full time mother of four children ranging from the ages of newborn to 7 years old. She has experienced a wide range of birth since she has been the patient of a delivery room "but also has spontaneous labor/vaginal delivery, an emergency c/s , a scheduled repeat elective c/s, a miscarriage that spontaneously delivered in the pre-op area before my D&C , and a 34 week delivery after attempting to stop labor with terbutaline, procardia and magnesium sulfate, all of which failed. My water broke in the middle of the night, but at least I delivered with my nightshift girls". 10 Cent and Beyond Blog is about a L&D RN and her experiences as a mother from the perspective of "both sides of the stirrups and surgeon's blade." is a unique type of nurse, which we have found, makes for a very original blog. She is a twenty-seven years old nurse, who has generously spent the past two and a half years on board the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship, the "M/V Africa Mercy". She now continues her journeys across the world with her husband and soul mate Phil, an electrician. Traveling around the globe should make for some interesting blogging material as Ali seeks new opportunities to serve others and to spread love. Her next stop is Peru at the end of February….stay tuned.

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