Vermont Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - VT

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Vermont

The average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Vermont was $62,890 in May 2009 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This translates to an average hourly wage of $30 for nuclear medicine technologists engaged in a position in Vermont. The BLS also reports that the national average salary for this profession is $67,910. Most students of nuclear medicine technology will be pleased to learn that this field is a fast-growing one. Expected growth rate of job openings in nuclear medicine technology is 16% from the time period 2008 to 2018. This represents a faster than expected growth when compared to that of other professions.

Salaries may vary among various cities and towns within a state, just as salaries vary from state to state. One’s educational background also often dictates salary, as more education may translate into managerial and supervisory responsibilities, which usually come with more pay. Where one works – that is, the type of medical setting – also may help determine wages. Upon close examination of some of the major cities in Vermont, one notices that there are differences among salaries for nuclear medicine technologists performing similar duties in different cities (figures obtained at indeed.com):

Burlington:  $50,000
Essex:  $52,000
Rutland:  $53,000
Colchester:  $51,000
South Burlington:  $51,000
Bennett:  $69,000

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