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Virginia Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

By Kathy Foust, allied health world contributing writer

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Virginia Medical Technician Education and Degrees

Individuals living in Virginia who like to work with scientific technology and testing may find that they are a good fit for a career as a Medical Technician. This is good news for people interested in this field. The demand for Medical Technicians has increased so much in Virginia that the average salary for Medical Technicians here is $43,000, a full $8,000 above the national average for Medical Technicians that is $35,000. Not only is the salary appealing, but the requirements to be eligible to work as a Medical Technician in Virginia are no more than are required at the national level. This means that anyone who is a certified Medical Technician can work as a Medical Technician in the state of Virginia with no further hurdles to overcome than to be certified.

Anyone who wishes to earn certification in Medical Technology in the state of Virginia must first complete the educational requirements set forth by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists. This process begins with the completion of high school. High school students are encouraged to enroll in science classes such as chemistry and biology as a way to prepare for their college level classes. The associate program offered through Virginia medical technician training programs must include a practicum or clinical rotation. This program will likely include science classes as well as mathematics and medical terminology. Those who excel in science and math will tend to do well in the classes required to obtain their degree. It should be noted that those who wish to work in the managerial area of medical technology should consider continuing their education past the associate level and on to the bachelor or even master level.

Medical Technician Schools in Virginia

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This list also contains online schools that accept students from Virginia

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