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Acupuncture Salary in Georgia - GA

Acupuncturist Salaries in Georgia

The average acupuncture salary in Georgia is $50,000, 4% higher than the average acupuncturist salary nationwide. Since most acupuncturists are self-employed, however, salaries often vary significantly depending on the size and success of your practice or client base. Salaries of self-employed acupuncturists depend on a number of factors, from the number of patients seen in a day to hourly rates to insurance acceptance.

Likewise, salaries and benefits for acupuncturists employed by hospitals or clinics are likely to be different than those for acupuncturists who have their own practice. These jobs often offer more stability at the expense of some flexibility.

Salaries may also vary somewhat depending on your location. For example, average salaries for acupuncturists in major cities in Georgia range from $49,000 in Atlanta to $42,000 in Savannah to $50,000 in Augustus. There may be a lower demand for acupuncturists in rural area, but there is also a lower supply and a lower cost of living, making rural acupuncture an intriguing option.

Of course, experience and education are important factors in salary as well. Acquiring certification in specialized, high-demand areas like fertility or orthopedic acupuncture can help you better define your client base and demonstrate your expertise in specific techniques. 

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