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Acupuncture Salary in Indiana - IN

Acupuncturist Salaries in Indiana

Complementary and alternative medicines are rising fields. The average acupuncturist salary in Indiana -- according to -- is a comfortable $50,000.  Some large cities, however, have lower salaries. Those considering career-related relocation should also take into account geographic variations in housing and other cost of living issues. 

The following figures are based on current job postings:

  • Indianapolis $40,000
  • Evansville $40,000
  • Fort Wayne $49,000
  • Hammond $50,000

Many factors can influence a practitioner’s earning potential.  These include certification, years of practice, and, in the case of private practitioners, how many clients they see per week.  Geographic regions vary not only in income, but in the number of opportunities available.  Some homeopaths around the country share or rent office space from other practitioners of alternative medicine -- often chiropractors -- while others pursue simultaneous certification in both fields.  Prospective acupuncturists in the Hoosier State may want to check actual job postings at such organization as to get a sense of opportunities that may be available to them in the future. 

Since most states require NCAAOM credentialing, acupuncturists can find jobs across borders more easily than can professionals in some other fields. 

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