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Acupuncture Salary in Kansas - KS

It is possible to earn a living doing acupuncture in Kansas, though the average income is lower than in some parts of the country.  The average acupuncturist salary in Kansas is $42,000, according to  There is some geographical variation in reported salaries. The following are average salaries listed for major cities in Kansas

  • Overland Park $38,000
  • Wichita $45,000
  • Kansas City $38,000
  • Topeka $38,000

Nationwide there are certain trends, regarding, for instance, pay differentials between those in private practice and those who work for employers in clinics or other medical facilities. As in other professions, one’s professional certifications do affect career opportunities.  Some practitioners choose to get acupuncture training in conjunction with training in other healing arts, and this can increase opportunities to secure jobs -- or to attract clients if one is in private practice.

One can get a sense of opportunities by consulting job boards at  Missouri’s AAM website also lists some Kansas practitioners, so that is another resource that one can consult to get a feel for what opportunities exist within the region.  Lay practitioners with NCCAOM certification will likely have more career opportunities, particularly if future goals or opportunities may take them away from the Sunflower State.