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Acupuncture Salary in Louisiana - LA

An acupuncturist salary in Louisiana is comparable to the national average, although it can be expected to vary dramatically depending on several factors. Certification, experience, education, credibility, reputation and location can play important roles in acquiring and retaining the robust customer base that leads to a more lucrative career. Further education, seminar attendance, and other engagement with the traditional Chinese medicine community can help to create the image and reputation that accompany success.

First year salaries for acupuncture professionals in Louisiana are listed below by city.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana $38,000
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana $37,000
  • Shreveport, Louisiana $32,000

Spending on uninsured, personal health expenses in Louisiana have dropped some since the infrastructure damage and subsequent population decrease that followed Hurricane Katrina. Residents of the state now spend some $3,800 annually on health support services such as massage therapy, chiropractics, and alternative medicine. While that figure is somewhat low in comparison to similar states, it can be expected to continue rising as Louisiana reabsorbs its lost population and rebuilds its economy.

Alternative medicine could be slated for growth in the state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released a report that suggests the demand for medical services will grow by a maximum of 22% by the year 2018. While this growth is certain to be highest in the demand for physicians and family doctors, it also includes alternative healing practitioners such as acupuncturists.

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