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Acupuncture Salary in Maine - ME

An acupuncturist salary in Maine varies somewhat depending on several factors. Experience, education, offering additional health support services, credentials and location can all affect an acupuncturist’s salary. While first-year salaries for acupuncturists in Maine are slightly lower than the national average, the profession is still well pioneered with nearly sixty licensed acupuncturists operating in the small state.

Expected first-year salaries are listed below by specific city.

  • Portland, Maine $37,000
  • Lewiston, Maine $39,000
  • Bangor, Maine $34,000
  • West Scarborough, Maine $38,000
  • Sanford, Maine $38,000

While acupuncture in Maine is less lucrative than it is in some other states, the field may be slated for considerable growth over the next several years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the demand for health related professionals is expected to grow as much as 22% by the year 2018. While this growth certainly varies between different professions, the prospects for alternative medicine practitioners look good.

A recent study showed that residents of Maine spend more than $4,100 each year on uninsured medical expenses, a figure that's substantially higher than that of many other eastern states. Often, these expenditures fall into the alternative medicine bracket, which could demonstrate a rising acceptance of non-traditional medicine such as acupuncture.

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