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Acupuncture Salary in Massachusetts - MA

An acupuncturist salary in Massachusetts varies with a practitioner's experience, training, credentials and specific location within the state. Considering that Massachusetts’ acupuncturists aren't required to achieve an MD, DO or DC, their average first year salary of somewhere between $42,000 and $52,000 is an exciting and encouraging incentive. Private practices and practitioners who serve niche markets often make considerably more.

Acupuncture is fairly popular in Massachusetts, and with more than 589 licensed acupuncturists operating throughout the state the market is clearly growing. Taking advantage of professional environments within cities and urban areas with considerable exposure to and acceptance of acupuncture therapy can help rising professionals secure a more favorable salary. Average salaries for acupuncturists in Massachusetts are listed below by city.

  • Boston, Massachusetts $52,000
  • Worcester, Massachusetts $42,000
  • Springfield, Massachusetts $45,000
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts $52,000
  • Lowell, Massachusetts $51,000

Prospects for acupuncture professionals in Massachusetts are good. The Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS) recently reported that health service professionals including alternative and oriental medicine providers could expect a 10% to 22% growth in demand over the next eight years. With reasonable training requirements, proven success in the field, and a high rate of predicted market growth, would-be acupuncturists in Massachusetts can expect a stable, rewarding and lucrative career in the state.

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