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Acupuncture Salary in Michigan - MI

An acupuncturist’s salary in Michigan can vary somewhat depending on training, certification, experience and location. Due to the loosely regulated nature of acupuncture in the state, incomes often depend on a practitioner's additional abilities and qualifications as well as their specific market and customer base. Formal training and certification through the NCCAOM can help to attract clients whose primary needs include acupuncture or other forms of oriental medicine.

Some expected acupuncturist salaries are listed below by city.

  • Detroit, Michigan $42,000
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan $35,000
  • Warren, Michigan $42,000
  • Sterling Heights, Michigan $42,000
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan $35,000
  • Lansing, Michigan $37,000

Acupuncturists in Michigan can expect a diverse, engaging and successful career given a sufficient client base and a positive reputation. Many acupuncturists choose to expand their offerings to include herbal treatments and other oriental medicine in order to reach a larger, more varied body of regular customers. The ACAOM accredits various programs that can help rising professionals to diversify their offerings.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, acupuncturists, traditional Chinese medicine providers and other alternative health support professionals can expect a market growth of between 10% and 22% by 2018. This growth represents an excellent opportunity for up and coming acupuncture professionals, and could foster a favorable environment for those about to begin their careers.

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