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Acupuncture Salary in Minnesota - MN

The average acupuncturist’s salary in Minnesota is one of the highest across the nation, due mostly to the considerable education necessities that the state requires from its practitioners. While salaries differ somewhat depending on certain variables, students planning on practicing acupuncture in the state can expect a generous income regardless of their specific location. Acupuncturists with NCCAOM certification and ACAOM accredited training as well as experience in the field can expect higher than average pay.

Some acupuncturist salaries are listed below by specific Minnesota city.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota $79,000
  • St. Paul, Minnesota $78,000
  • Rochester, Minnesota $89,000

The field of professional acupuncture in Minnesota is far less competitive than it is in other areas across America, possibly due to the state's decision not to recognize the art as separate from other medical practices. Minnesota only recognizes some eighty-eight licensed acupuncturists, which has lead to an increased demand for properly trained practitioners.

People in Minnesota spend more than $4,300 every year on their personal, non-insured health expenses, a number that's a little higher than average in comparison with other states. This type of personal health spending often creates an excellent market for non-traditional medicinal practitioners.