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Acupuncture Salary in Missouri - MO lists the acupuncturist salary in Missouri at $51,000, which is 4% above the national average for the profession.  Some Missouri cities do have lower salaries, however. 

The following shows salaries reported for major Missouri cities, in descending order:

  • St Louis $45,000
  • Springfield $39,000
  • Kansas City $38,000
  • Independence $38,000

Many factors act in concert to determine earning potential, including professional certification, years of experience, and type of facility. PayScale reports that nationwide acupuncturists who are in private practice have a higher income range than those who work for clinics or medical centers.  Of course, for many, private practice only becomes an option down the line.  It is good to know that other providers of complementary medicine, like chiropractors, sometimes want to rent space specifically to an acupuncturist. 

Also on a positive note, job opportunities have increased in recent years around the country, and many acupuncturists earn bonuses in addition to their base salaries.  Among the health facilities where acupuncturists in the Show Me State work are Community Acupuncture of St Louis and Wellness Concepts Clinic, which is located in Springfield.  One can see some of the other places Missouri acupuncturists are employed by browsing the webpage of the Acupuncture Association of Missouri (AAM).

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