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Acupuncture Salary in Nevada - NV

The state of Nevada was a pioneer in recognizing the importance of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to the realm of overall wellness. A recent online survey of acupuncturists’ salaries across the United States found that the average acupuncturist salary in Nevada is $90,000. Because acupuncturists in Nevada must be licensed Doctors of Oriental Medicine (DOM), this amount of pay does not sound exorbitant. Indeed, it reflects the great amount of training in both Eastern and Western medical traditions and practices that goes into becoming a licensed, certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Nevada.

Once you have completed your board-approved, mandated training in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and are licensed by the state, jobs are readily available all over Nevada. Recent positions listed on were for an experienced holistic trainer with a DOM in Las Vegas; a Physician Primary Care position at Take Care Health in Elko; and a position in Family Medicine in Reno. Alternatively, you can choose to establish your own Oriental Medicine and/or acupuncture practice, or join a group of physicians who already practice or who are looking to add an acupuncturist to their slate of physicians and practitioners. Possibilities exist in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, and North Las Vegas.

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