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Acupuncture Salary in South Carolina - SC

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina was a pioneer health insurer in the state to offer alternative health care coverage. They stated that treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic care would be included in health care plans, benefiting many people in South Carolina who desired these less invasive treatments according to Acupuncture Today. This is good news for the future job outlook of South Carolina’s acupuncturist. Now that mainstream health insurers have recognized acupuncture as a viable health care treatment alternative, the demand will likely increase.

The acupuncturist salary in South Carolina can vary based on experience, training, and degree. It can also vary by employer. A large medical facility such as Providence Hospital and Palmetto Health in Columbia, or Roper Hospital in Charleston will generally offer a better salary than a small chiropractic office in North Charleston or Greenville. The acupuncture salary in South Carolina has an entry level pay of $40,000 according to The salary can go well over $100,000 however, if you receive a doctorate degree. There is also the possibility of self- employment with this career. Opening your own clinic will offer you different benefits (as well as risks) than working for an employer.

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