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Acupuncture Salary in Tennessee - TN

An acupuncturist salary in Tennessee ranges from around $38,000 to $44,000. Many acupuncturists in the state choose to operate their own private practice, which, given a sufficient client base, can bring in far more income than salaried positions. Salaried acupuncturists in Tennessee are considerably successful as well. They stand to make marginally more than the state's average full-time income of $36,369.

Established acupuncturists frequently provide their services as part of a natural or alternative health practice which includes a full compliment of alternative health advisors, doctors of naturopathy and doctors chiropractics. Practices in urban areas often bring in more clients than those in rural areas, which frequently corresponds to higher paying positions. Some average first year acupuncturist salaries for various cities in Tennessee are listed below.

  • Nashville, Tennessee $41,000
  • Knoxville, Tennessee $44,000
  • Clarksville, Tennessee $42,000
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee $39,000
  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee $41,000

Acupuncturists in the Tennessee area may aim to work at one of the state's well known hospitals in order to acquire experience and contacts in the field. Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, Memorial Hospital, and Venderbilt University Medical Center are among the state's most well known general and emergency health facilities.

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