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Acupuncture Salary in Virginia - VA

An acupuncturist's salary in Virginia averages $50,000, and ranges from about $38,000 to $55,000. While an acupuncturist in the state can expect to make a little more than the state's average income of $43,050 in a salaried position, they stand to bring in far more by opening a private practice. Education, experience, business referrals and ties with the community are all factors that can contribute to an acupuncturists' success.

Some expected salaries for acupuncturists in Virginia are listed below by specific location.

  • Richmond, Virginia $44,000
  • Chesapeake, Virginia $38,000
  • Norfolk, Virginia $38,000
  • Arlington, Virginia $55,000
  • Alexandria, Virginia $55,000
  • Portsmouth, Virginia $38,000
  • Hampton, Virginia $38,000

With just thirty-one licensed acupuncturists, Virginia is far from a saturated market and constitutes an excellent location for up and coming professionals. As the art continues to become more popularly accepted, those practicing in Virginia may experience an increase in business. Acupuncturists beginning their career should seek recommendation from established medical doctors in order to build their practice. Recommendations from major hospitals such as Saint Mary's Hospital, Lynchburg General Hospital, University of Virginia Medical Center, and Fairfax Hospital are coveted business leads in the state.

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