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Acupuncture Salary in Washington - WA

Washington is home to many of America's licensed acupuncturists. More than eleven hundred individuals have been licensed by the state to practice acupuncture; they serve the public through employment at state hospitals, partnerships with medical doctors, associations with alternative health providers, and through private, standalone practices. Acupuncturists who operate private practices in Washington stand to make the highest annual incomes, although salaried practitioners can also expect to earn a comfortable living.

An acupuncturist salary in Washington is around $40,000 per year, with variations of a few thousand dollars in either direction. In addition to several factors such as work experience, educational background, professional recommendations and additional, applicable certifications, specific location within the state plays an important role in discerning a practitioner's salary. Some expected acupuncturist salaries, by specific city, are as follows:

  • Tacoma, Washington $39,000
  • Bellevue, Washington $41,000
  • Spokane, Washington $41,000
  • Seattle, Washington $41,000

Many acupuncturists in Washington work with patients in major hospitals through the recommendations of those hospital's medical doctors. Successful practitioners in the state can seek employment or professional recommendations from Washington's Swedish Medical Center, Sacred Heart Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center.

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