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Acupuncture School in Connecticut - CT

Acupuncture schools in Connecticut have varying levels of education to offer their students. The key to understanding which program is right for you is to understand what is required for licensure in your state, and also to think about which direction you want to take your career in acupuncture therapy.

The Connecticut Department of Health regulates all licensing for acupuncture practitioners in this state. A minimum of 60 semester hours is needed to practice acupuncture in Connecticut. This means that the minimum of an associate degree would be required for active practice.

One thing worth pointing out is that acupuncture schools in Connecticut do offer certificate programs, associate programs, and master programs. The certificate program lasts about 12 months and is designed for licensed professionals already practicing in the medical field. The associate program is used as more of a stepping stone for transitioning into the master degree program. Keep in mind that you are likely to have a much better career outlook by completing the Master of Science degree program.

With completion of a campus-based acupuncture degree program, aspiring acupuncturists in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford, Connecticut can look to the future with prosperous careers in acupuncture therapy.

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