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Acupuncture School in Indiana - IN

Acupuncture is enjoying increasing attention in the mainstream medical community.  In fact, some residents at Indiana University Medical Center put in training at Essence of China Acupuncture and Herb Clinic in Indianapolis. Indiana is also among the states where addiction specialists can use acupuncture among the approved protocols for helping people quit addictive substances. Nationwide, it is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to cover some services.

Acupuncture schools in Indiana allow students to pursue careers in this exciting branch of complementary medicine. The route that professionals need to take depends on their field and prior training.  Chemical dependency specialists may use acupuncture techniques under the supervision of medical professionals with relatively little training.  Chiropractors also have relatively low requirements for training hours.  Medical doctors, as well as dentists, podiatrists, and osteopaths, will find that acupuncture is within their scope of practice. 

The above groups should have an easier time finding resources within the state. People who are not licensed in a related health field, though, will need many hours of training from an approved program.  Luckily, while the certifying body, ACAOM, does not list accredited programs within Indiana, it does list some schools with nontraditional scheduling, where a lot of the coursework is completed at a distance.

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