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Acupuncture School in Iowa - IA

The ancient art of acupuncture is increasingly respected by both the medical community and the public. Those interested in practicing acupuncture in Iowa will have different requirements depending on what, if any, health certifications they already possess.  Doctors, dentists, and podiatrists are already licensed to practice acupuncture, and will need only the classes they deem necessary to acquire skills (though they should consult their board to stay current in case of changes) . Chiropractors are also on a fast track to becoming practicing acupuncturists.  They need only 100 hours of additional training beyond that required for chiropractic licensure -- a requirement which should prove easy for residents of the Hawkeye State. 

Workers who are not licensed in a health field, however, will require approximately 2,000 hours at an ACAOM approved program. Although the ACAOM website does not any list accredited acupuncture schools in Iowa, prospective acupuncturist can still get an education while living in the state.  Increasingly schools are catering to the needs of busy professionals; this can take the form of holding classes with contact hours in  time frames other than the traditional -- for instance, in 15 day intensives. Prospective acupuncturists can find a list of accredited programs on the website of the certifying body, ACAOM.  NCCAOM, meanwhile, would be a good place to start when asking about opportunities to complete required observation hours.

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