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Acupuncture School in Kansas - KS

Worldwide, acupuncture is on the rise. The World Health Organization considers it a viable treatment for a number of diseases, and the US government funds acupuncture as part of drug treatment in some US cities. Acupuncture is not as widely practiced in Kansas as it is in some other states of the US, but there are opportunities in the state for would-be practitioners.

Interested in acupuncture schools in Kansas?  There are multiple options, depending on your long term goals.  Some future acupuncturists pursue training in conjunction with other Oriental healing arts, perhaps seeking a masters degree at the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine in Wichita.  Others may begin with an online certificate program which can be completed relatively quickly.  Prospective acupuncturists should realize, though, that while Kansas is not among the states requiring licensure, many hours of supervised training are required to develop safe competent practice -- and to receive national certification.   The development of an accredited school is among the signs that acupuncture is becoming increasingly accepted in the state; however, because of the lack of a board, and some ambiguity about legalities, prospective acupuncturists will likely want to consult with a regional or national organization..

Those who already possess a license in naturopathy will have a slightly different path than lay practitioners.  Naturopathic doctors may choose to pursue additional training as an acupuncturist and get an additional certificate to display to clients. Osteopaths, podiatrists, and doctors are licensed to practice acupuncture -- with the stipulation that they are competent.

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