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Acupuncture School in Maine - ME

Acupuncture schools in Maine provide everything necessary for a rising professional to build a meaningful, fulfilling and engaging career for themselves. There are several paths that a potential acupuncture practitioner can take in order to fulfill state requirements and acquire proper licensing. Students may either work towards a Doctor of Medicine (MD), with which no extra education is needed in order to practice; they may complete a Doctor of Chiropractics (DC) with an additional 100 hours of acupuncture training; or finally, they may complete an Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) accredited program that meets state requirements.

Maine is home to fifteen private and fifteen public colleges, many of which offer the classes and degree programs necessary to begin studying as an acupuncture practitioner. Students who wish to pursue an MD or DC will find a wider selection of degree programs and campus options than those seeking a course that aims only at practicing acupuncture.

Students in Maine are finding more and more that distance learning programs offer more selection and flexibility than physical college campuses. Distance education provides students with certification and degree program selections from across the nation, and can alleviate the scheduling pressure of full-time study. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, just fewer than three thousand colleges in the United States offer distance education options.

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